Northeastern University programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels help students prepare to meet the nation’s need for highly trained cyber security professionals.

Undergraduates can gain exposure to cyber security issues through electives related to information assurance. They are also encouraged to pursue co-op and research opportunities that enhance their knowledge and experience.

At the graduate level, students can choose from a variety of information assurance programs and professional paths.

Undergraduate Programs

Graduate Programs

  • MS in Information Assurance This multidisciplinary professional program offers both technology training and an understanding of the social context of information assurance to prepare graduates to make strategic decisions about information security issues.
  • MS in Computer Science with a concentration in cyber security Incorporating courses addressing network, software, and communication security as well as privacy issues, the concentration in this College of Computer and Information Science program adds an information assurance focus to broader study of computer science. It emphasizes security systems software and algorithms that manage the cyber infrastructure.
  • PhD in Information Assurance The multidisciplinary PhD in Information Assurance program provides a strong technical foundation, a policy and social science perspective, and a path to an academic or research-focused career in information assurance.
  • PhD in Computer Science This program provides preparation to conduct computer science research in academia or industry and offers students an opportunity to focus their dissertations on a cyber security topic.
  • PhD in Computer Engineering Offered by the College of Engineering, this program focuses on hardware architecture and software issues as well as signal processing and control systems techniques associated with cyber security.